BELL Liquid-ring Vacuum pumps

BELL Liquid-ring Vacuum pumps are mainly used in the following industries:

  • Fibre cement
  • Paper
  • Card- and Insulationboard 
  • Process Technology

A constructive advantage is that impure gases which are mixed with a certain amount of fluids and/or solids can be pumped without influencing the function and the efficiency of the vacuum pump negatively.

BELL Liquid-ring Vacuum pumps are built for easy maintenance.

They have only few construction- and wear parts and provide customer benefits as:

  • Low energy consumption cause of the high efficiency
  • Less wear cause of the slow rotation speed
  • Little bearing loads through double-excentric case construction with two compression-areas 
  • Strong rotor with complete flanges on both sides
  • Small space requirement, because the motor can be mounted on the top of the pump
  • Types E10 and E12 are normally deliverable ex stock (standard execution)

On demand BELL Liquid-ring Vacuum pumps are also available in partially or fully stainless steel execution.