The Swiss enterprise with worldwide references

FCM Bell Engineering AG emerged from the former Bell Engineering works AG in Kriens / Lucerne. The BELL company was founded in 1855 and was well known worldwide for the production of water turbines, bridges, cranes as well as funicular railways and cable cars. The very traditional company produced fiber cement machinery and equipment from 1915, liquid ring vacuum pumps from 1948 and large presses for fibre cement from 1960. The high quality equipment and components have been exported all over the world.

  • 1959 BELL was aquired by Escher-Wyss Group
  • 1967 BELL resp. Escher Wyss was aquired by Sulzer Group

In February 1996 the acquisition of the fiber cement machinery division was performed by J.M. Voith AG, A-3100 St. Pölten (Austria). The company in Kriens changed its name to Voith Bell Process Eng. AG.

On 31. December 1999, the branch has been separated from the Voith Group and on 1. January 2000 it has been transfered in the new company FCM Bell Engineering AG, based in Kriens. The premises of the company are located in the same buildings of the f o r m e r Bell Engineering works AG in Kriens.


After its founding several fiber-cement sheet lines have been successfully implemented worldwide.


Since the beginning of year 2016 we withdrew as supplier of complete fiber-cement sheet lines and focus on the following products:

  • BELL Liquid-ring Vacuum pumps and -Compressors
  • Machine components and spare parts for the fiber-cement industry
  • Forming rolls for Fiber-cement-, Card- and Insulation board industry